Early 1947

Free from the war and German occupation,
the Kotlars emigrate to the USA. Harry works
for a family-owned clothing factory in
Los Angeles. He quickly befriends the owners, who are smitten by his natural charisma and talent. The owners soon ask Harry to use his people skills as manager of the factory.

LATE 1947

After witnessing Harry’s personable approach to management, the owners offer him the role of business partner. Harry consults Helen, and they both agree to nurture their own dreams instead.


The Beginning of a legacy

Helen’s brother Aria sends small diamonds from his small diamond cutting factory in Israel. Harry sells these stones in the Los Angeles diamond district. He eventually leaves the clothing company to focus on selling cut stones.

Harry supplies diamonds to manufacturers and dealers, closing each deal with the same personalized service and charm he showed while working for the textile company.

Harry & Helen's dream begins to bloom.

1956 – 1970s

The market responds favorably to Harry’s products and exceptional service. Clients feel confident in his wares, and this leads to orders for larger stones. Harry graciously entertains their requests and starts supplying .30 to .50 carat stones this year.


Demand later grows for even larger stones. While other suppliers exist in the market, many buyers specifically seek out Harry Kotlar. To meet this demand, he starts selling 1 to 2 carat stones.

With greater sales and better relationships with customers, business continues to prosper.


Members of the Kotlar clan joined the company.
Basha Kotlar Wiener and Louis Wiener shared Harry Kotlar's dedication to customer relations, and are instrumental to maintaining the company's steady growth.


The Kotlars start supplying stones up to 8 carats to large jewelry manufacturers and diamond dealers. Many of these stones end up in the collections of powerful executives & famous celebrities.

The Kotlar business flourishes even further. Harry begins to secure his legacy of creating luxury through impeccable service and attention to every facet.

Harry Kotlar's first necklace
A Blast from the past

Platinum Necklace with 355 Baguettes, 15 Marquises with total carat weight of 100.80

One of the first amazing piece made by Harry Kotlar. This precious jewelry costs USD 185,000.00

1987 – 1998

Weaving heritage with innovation


Harry’s grandson David Wiener starts working for the company. David is a visionary who will later become the company’s third-generation leader. In addition to creating some of Kotlar’s flagship pieces, David is committed to safeguarding the Kotlar legacy

Late 1980s

Harry Kotlar is honored by the
West Coast Diamond Club for
his years of supplying superb stones

50th Anniversary

Basha Kotlar Wiener made
this event truly special.


David enlists the expertise of adept artisans and begins producing mounted pieces.
This artisanal approach to manufacturing takes inspiration from Harry’s drive
to create personalized experiences
for customers.


Harry Kotlar passes away.
His legacy of unmatched service & luxury
is kept vital by David Wiener
& the company’s master craftsmen.

2000 – Present

Six Decades of Beauty, Art & Perfection


David reveals the breathtaking Designer line. This roster includes the Artisan Pavé Scallop, Criss Cross, and Chevron collections

The Artisan Pavé Collection

David continues to innovate while maintaining ties to old-world artistry. One such innovation is the Kotlar Cushion®, which takes shape this year.

About Kotlar Cushion®

The Kotlar Cushion ® diamond features a unique 61-facet cushion cut diamond. It ranges in color from D to K. Clarity ranges from 1F to S12, the size from 0.70 up to 20 carats. Each Kotlar Cushion is carefully laser-inscribed by AGS laboratory with its certificate number and iconic Kotlar cushion logo.


The company joins other esteemed jewelry houses in the first Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair.


Kotlar 1948, a stunning collection aimed at younger jewelry collectors, is introduced.

The Kotlar 1948 Collection

The company launches a host of innovative services, including the Concierge, Passport, and Kotlar Luxury Experience.
These continue the philosophy of personalized luxury established by Harry over six decades ago.